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Secretarial Degrees and Programs

The most important person in an office isn't necessarily found in a corner office. Instead, the secretary out at the front desk may the where the real decision-making power lies. From gatekeeper to scheduler to master organizer, the secretary is responsible for ensuring that an office runs smoothly and effectively.

The Key to a Successful Secretarial Career

Previously thought of as the humble office secretary, administrative professionals are known today by a number of titles including administrative aide, executive assistant, and office aid. The differing names reflect the expanded job responsibilities of many office secretaries. Rather than simply answering the phones and typing memos, secretaries perform tasks previously reserved only for managerial staff.Office secretaries can be separated into the following classifications:
  • Secretaries
  • Executive Secretaries
  • Legal Secretaries
  • Medical Secretaries
While some secretarial positions may require only a high diploma, today's secretaries are required to possess a variety of skills including extensive computer experience. To be prepared for these diverse jobs, secretarial students take courses on typing, computer technology, communication skills, and office management.

Secretarial Classes for Your New Career

One- and two-year programs are available, as well as specialized secretarial classes. Students enrolled in these classes can earn the following certificates and designations:
  • Certified Professional Secretary
  • Certified Administrative Professional
  • Accredited Legal Secretary
  • Professional Legal Secretary
  • Certified Legal Secretary Specialist
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, secretarial positions are expected to have the largest number of job openings available in years to come. This recession-proof career is a smart choice for anyone interested in a fast-paced job that combines a variety of skills and tasks. The median annual salary for executive secretaries and administrative assistants in 2008 was $40,030. Legal and medical secretaries generally earn more.