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Tourism Management Degrees and Programs

With the explosion of travel options available today, tourism is a hot industry expected to grow for years to come. A career in tourism management offers an exciting work environment, and can also provide you and your family with opportunities for discounted travel.

Tourism Management Programs: Beyond Simply Booking Flights

Tourism management has come a long way from simply making hotel reservations or booking a flight. While tourism still offers career opportunities as a travel agent, there are many other possibilities for those with a tourism management degree. Upon graduation, tourism students are ready to fill a variety of positions related to the hospitality industry. Today's tourist manager must have extensive knowledge of geography, climate, cultural customs and travel regulations. Tourism management programs cover course material including: accounting, lodging, legal regulations, marketing, human resources and food services. In addition, a traveling agent must have excellent communication skills and problem-solving abilities. When a traveler experiences a problem away from home, the travel agent is often the first person called to provide assistance.

Your Future as a Tourist Manager

As more people turn to the Internet to make travel arrangements, jobs for those in traveling management have declined slightly. However, there are still opportunities for those with the proper skills and training. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with formal training such as a tourism certification, bachelors, or master's degree are most likely to fill tourism management jobs. In addition, a travel agent who specializes in a specific destination or travel niche is more likely to attract regular clients. A tourism agent can expect to earn a median income of $30,570.